Short Course 4

Hydrogeochemistry and the Mine Life Cycle: Escape from Model Land


Kirk Nordstrom, USGS, United States
Ann Maest, Buka Environmental, United States
Rob Bowell, SRK Consulting, UK

Kirk is a world leading geochemist.

Ann Maest is an aqueous geochemist with Buka Environmental in Telluride, Colorado, USA. She specializes in the environmental effects of hardrock mining, baseline water quality, geochemical testing methods and modeling, and responsible mining certification. Dr. Maest was a research geochemist at the U.S. Geological Survey, has served on several U.S. National Academy of Sciences earth resources committees, and was an invited speaker on mining issues at the United Nations. Ann holds a PhD in geochemistry and water resources from Princeton University.

Rob is a corporate consultant with SRK Consulting and adjunct professor at Queens University, Kingston Ontario.


2 days on Saturday & Sunday


This course will introduce participants to the basics of planning and executing hydrogeochemical studies at all stages of mine development. Topics will include sampling approaches, laboratory analytics, comparison and limitations of testing methods, interpretive tools, contaminant transport concepts, and the pragmatic integration of science and engineering using real-world examples.